Autonomous / Driverless technology

UAV Collision Protection

  Laser Point Cloud

Accurate Recordings

  Hazard Assessment


  Land Management

Climate Control
City Planning

  High transitivity of low to mid-range IR light

  Long term UV stability to minimize discoloring over time

  Excellent thermal cycling performance for worldwide climates

  Chemical resistance from harsh cleaners, salt, brine, fuel and road grime

  Outstanding impact resistance to protect the sensory equipment from projectiles

  Strong scratch resistant coatings to minimize signal errors due to surface scratches


LiDAR enclosures that protect these sensory devices require very demanding optical performance that is compatible with the specific LiDAR sensory technology deployed. These LiDAR systems transmit laser light out of the enclosure, read the surrounding, then bounce back to then be analyzed by the control system. The optics of the system must pass the highest signal percentage possible to be considered usable, accurate, and reliable, which is why we chose the highly optical TR RDS-4877 Nylon as the platform for our LiDAR solutions.

Criterion Technology has proven to be successful through commitment to continuous research, advanced technology, and automation. Criterion has pioneered the use of durable materials to offer clarity, safety, and strength since 1990. The best sensory device is only as good as the housing that covers it. Criterion is dedicated to the design and development of IR transparent windows, which are carefully designed to block out UV and visible light for all types of LIDAR applications.