Criterion Technology is the industry leader of the highest quality clear component parts molded out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and an exclusive optical grade nylon. Specializing in optical injection molding and enclosures, Criterion displays supreme material expertise, vast technical knowledge, a robust commitment to R&D, and optimum onsite testing. The Criterion team is a group of experienced and resourceful individuals who work together to create a welcoming environment where innovation flourishes. Criterion backs their products with 100% paid tooling maintenance. A North American partner, Criterion fortifies partnerships with design and development aptitudes, prototyping, low and high volume production, and turn-key assembly.

As a DNV-certified ISO-9001:2015 manufacturer, Criterion specializes in optical quality products – video security, subsea systems, LiDAR (autonomous vehicles, cloud point measuring), mining and safety, and LED lighting. Criterion excels in any application that requires the optical enclosure to be as high-end as the product it is protecting. Criterion’s injection molded optical domes and enclosures provide excellent coverage and protection for high definition cameras up to the latest 4k camera technology. Criterion uses a variety of materials that offer a customizable product. From the appearance of the product to the light transmission, countless configurations are available in different colors such as, smoke tint, bronze tint, IR transmissive, and custom colors.

Criterion Technology has proven to be successful through commitment to continuous research, advanced technology, and automation. Criterion has pioneered the use of durable materials to offer clarity, safety, and strength since 1990. Criterion aligned with the best material suppliers to co-develop an optical grade of nylon that exhibits some of the best characteristics of both acrylic and polycarbonate. In addition to its durability, nylon is chemical resistant, offering customers the best protection. The same development process was used to test and perfect a UV applied, scratch resistant hard coat for polycarbonate and acrylic domes and an electro static discharge (ESD) coating for sensitive applications. Criterion’s products are tested to withstand the rigor of high temperatures, rough ocean conditions, mining and oil drilling conditions, as well as prison and military environments, all while delivering superior optical performance and image clarity. Domes and enclosures can be designed for impact, shock absorption, and explosion upon request.

Criterion is consistently recognized for excellent customer service, process flexibility, on-time delivery, and product precision.  Criterion recognizes the importance of utilizing technology and automation to improve product quality. Criterion’s goal is to provide customers with continuous improvements in optical performance and manufacturing processes. The best camera or optical sensor is only as good as the dome that covers it.