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All contract manufactured orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable unless parts do not meet applicable manufacturing specifications.

Any product exported from the United States must be done in accordance with all applicable export administration regulations.

Criterion should be notified of any quality or quantity discrepancies within five (5) business days of shipment receipt.

Criterion does not collect nor file any sales and use tax. Buyer is fully responsible for all applicable taxes.

All freight, unless specifically stated otherwise, is the responsibility of the Buyer.

Past due invoices are assessed at 1.5% interest penalty per month.

Criterion will not be responsible for any loss or delay in delivery due to any causes beyond it’s control. Examples of these causes include, but are not limited to, such acts as labor strikes, inclement weather, raw material shortages, and fire.

Freight damage must be documented at receiving. Criterion will gladly assist in filing needed freight claims. The Buyer is responsible for paying the full Criterion invoice. Reimbursement should be made to the Buyer by the freight carrier.

Discounts cannot be taken on any invoice if the Buyer’s account is past due. Discounted payment terms will be temporarily halted for all past due accounts.

All applicable wire transfer fees are the Buyer’s responsibility. These fees may be billed separate from the product invoice and are subject to Net 30 payment terms.

Future shipments may be placed on credit hold if any invoice is more than 60 days past due.

All funds should be submitted in US dollars.

Optical Grade Tooling

Due to the proprietary process used in producing optical quality injection mold tools, the following special conditions apply to the acceptance of all orders for optical grade tooling:

Tooling service charges are a onetime fee for the use of Criterion’s proprietary technology. They include design, fabrication of expendable tooling, and reoccurring engineering charges.

These charges also include any upgrades necessary to maintain parts within drawing tolerances. These improvements are done at no additional expense to our Customer, given the continued volume of parts produced.

Should additional tooling services be required to meet customer’s part demands, additional tooling services will be quoted at time of need. Need for additional tooling services to be jointly determined by Customer and Criterion.

In the event Criterion Technology, Inc. is unable to deliver parts to Customer, or any company affiliated with Customer, Criterion Technology, Inc. will ship customer owned tooling at the customer’s request. Note: Does not apply due to force majeure situations such as, but not limited to, material shortages, civil unrest, and pandemic closures.

Criterion warrants the mold base and inserts will be used to produce domes for Customer only, unless otherwise approved by Customer.

These terms and conditions apply to injection mold tooling purchased through Criterion using Criterion’s design services. These terms and conditions do not apply to customer provided tooling or customer designed tooling.